Psychic. Get a Psychic Reading with Heather Paterson | Readings
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I conduct my readings in two ways:-

Face to face readings where I am able to pick up the vibration of an object worn by the person requesting the reading and can connect with my client’s spirit guides and relatives who have passed away.

Telephone readings -where I connect with the person’s guides and relatives who have passed away by asking their spirit guides to connect with me. I am able to visualize and hear their messages.


The sessions offered by Heather Paterson are provided for entertainment purposes only.
The services offered by Heather Paterson are not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for medical treatment. If any person is suffering from a physical or psychological condition, please consult a medical professional. The content given within the consultation will be different for each client. The client is totally responsible for any action taken or decisions made, from the given information, into their life. The results and risks are completely and solely their responsibility. Heather Paterson provides this service at the user’s own risk. Heather Paterson shall have no liability whatsoever in negligence, breach of contract, statute or statutory duty to any user, dependents of any user or any legal representative of a user for personal or mental injury suffered in any way due to the information provided during the session. While every endeavour is made to present helpful information, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed, and no guarantee as to an outcome or set of results at all will be implied.